Welcome to the Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal... 

An online film journal showcasing feminist filmmakers from around the globe.

Our mission is to engender an all-encompassing peaceful activism that elevates marginalized voices, shedding light on the pervasiveness of misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, and ableism in our everyday experiences.

A celebration across genre, showcasing films that foreground a feminist viewpoint and tell HER story: a critical, political, cinematic take on the many levels of oppression we navigate every day as women, queer people, transgender people, and people of color.

Each month we feature one feminist filmmaker and their film. Each featured filmmaker will receive an award laurel, be featured for an entire month and abundantly celebrated on all of our social networking sites.

Throughout each month we will also be celebrating other forms of feminist art: Special guest writers, photography and more.




Our herstory...

In 2015, tired of waiting for permission to screen her own films, filmmaker and actor Premstar Santana decided to create a film festival of her own: The Moonfaze Feminist Film Festival. The festival ran for two years in Los Angeles, CA celebrating feminist films from all around the world. Although the response to the festival was beyond her wildest dreams, due to a lack of funding, and yet determined to keep on with the Moonfaze mission, Premstar decided to transition the festival into an online film journal. 

"I am so thrilled and grateful for the support Moonfaze has received over the past two years. And now with the launch of our new platform the support and phenomenal response has only grown. The fact that the Moonfaze movement is able to continue on means the world to me." -Premstar Santana