Moonfaze Films

Moonfaze Films is a film production company founded by Premstar Santana and Ben Gilbert. We are a collective of artists whose lives are dedicated to telling stories via the film art form. We are rebel magic makers telling surreal truths, determined to unmask the masked and invoke the light in darkness. We are willing to take risks and unwilling to wait for permission to do so. 

Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal

Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal is an online film journal showcasing and celebrating feminist films, and other feminist art from around the globe. Our journal's mission is to illuminate HER story: a critical, political, cinematic take on the many levels of oppression we navigate every day as women, queer people, transgender people, and people of color.


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Moonfaze Films is a production company created by Premstar Santana and Ben Gilbert. All films produced are solely funded by private investors, and online crowdfunding platforms. Moonfaze Films and the Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal are two separate entities under the same name.