In addition to our featured filmmakers, we will be featuring one guest writer per month. If you are interested in contributing as a guest writer please contact us HERE.

Submission Guidelines

• Subject matter: Open. All submissions should have a feminist perspective and celebrate the intersectional values of   Moonfaze. See our Mission statement.

• Length: 1,800 Words Max. 

• Deadlines: 

- Short proposal (no more than 100 words) due no later than the 15th of the month prior to your featured month. 

  For example, if you're writing for July your proposal would be due by June 15th.  

- Final written works will be due the day before we go live which is now the first of each month. 

  For example, for June the article will be due May 31st. 

• Compensation: At the present moment Moonfaze cannot offer fees for written works, instead we will offer full credit and abundant promotion through our social media avenues. As our newly founded journal grows we hope to eventually be able to offer contributors a fee for their efforts. 

Thank you and we can't wait to celebrate your words!