COSIMA - Episode 1

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"Our mission as filmmakers is to create a series with two strong female leads, showcasing complex intersectional roles for women."

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Main objectives: 

  • To create powerful roles for women in cinema.
  • To use the Sci-fi and Horror genres as a catalyst to continue the dialogue around oppression in all it's forms.
  • To use Cosima Episode One in it's completion as promotional tool to create the series in it's entirety.
  • Most importantly, to create our own opportunities as actors and filmmakers.

The Vision: 

Imagine The OA meets Mad Max Fury Road. Our story takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of desolation and destruction. Two sisters, Daya and Lily have been kidnapped by a deranged doctor who’s mission is to experiment on and alter women’s bodies in ways to repopulate the world as he sees fit. Surviving the end of their world as they once knew it, they must continue to live in limbo of one world ending and a new one beginning while fighting the powers of patriarchal homogenous dictation. 

The root of Cosima is to examine the human characteristics of how and why people survive. Our goal is to put complex, female driven narrative on screen that tells a story about women depending on each other for survival and strength. To tell the tale of a meaningful and magical bond between two sisters.

About the team:

Roxanne Morrison and Premstar Santana are the creators of COSIMA©. They met in acting class several years ago where became fast friends and developed a undeniable working chemistry as actors and creators. Vowing to work together on a project, the idea for Cosima was birthed many years ago and they have been waiting for the right moment to put it into production. They brought on award winning director Ben Gilbert and actor/writer Aaron Michael Davies who both have a love and taste for horror and science fiction genres. Ben and Aaron took the idea of Cosima and ran with it, pumping it full of adrenaline.