Dear Moonfazers, 
After extensive consideration and many hours of deep soul searching, we have decided that due to a lack of funds we will be redirecting our efforts from a live film festival into an online feminist film journal where we will continue to showcase feminist films from around the globe. Although our direction has changed, we are beyond thrilled to be able to move forward with our mission and our passion by carving out an online space for feminist filmmakers to shine. 

Each month we will feature one feminist filmmaker. Each featured filmmaker will receive an award laurel, be featured on our journal for an entire month, and abundantly celebrated on all of our social networking sites.

Throughout each month we will also be celebrating other forms of feminist art: Special guest writers, photography and more.

The two years that we were able to put on our festival has been an incredible experience. We will never forget and be forever grateful for all of the people who contributed to making our festival a reality.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful work.

In sisterhood,

The Moonfaze team

Submissions open 5/15/17 - Click here to submit your film.

Click here to if you'd like to contribute as a guest writer.