JUNE 2017 Official Selection - ALONE

A film by Ashley Dick

Glasgow, Scotland

"After watching Alone I felt a deep connection to the lead character and her aloneness. I felt a soul sister calling in her awakening and in her rebirth. The beauty of nature and oneness with nature, is displayed in a stunning collage of images in which I found solidarity and sisterhood. For me, Alone depicts a story of self knowledge, self acceptance and self love. A must see for all."


ALONE is the haunting story of a journey led by fear and confusion. She wakes up in a cave, alone. She doesn't know why she is there, how she got there or what she is running from. 


A note from the filmmaker:

"The story came from my experience of years of not being able to articulate the oppression of women. Growing up, no one I knew questioned the disadvantages women face, so it became the norm. In my teenage years it took me a long time to recognise I was being abused in a long term relationship, because I couldn't identify the power imbalance. I wanted to show people what this lost, confused, unfair feeling was like. With this premise in mind, in January 2016 I challenged myself to create a film entirely on my own, and I came up with 'Alone'. It was difficult, but liberating: I was limited in what I could do with my camera, as I had to be on screen as well as operating it, but I could shoot anywhere and anytime I wanted without the constraints of managing a team. I learned a lot about my limitations but also broke through my comfort zone. When I screened it to my peers I told no one about the origins of the film, and asked everyone what they thought it was about. Some thought it was about a woman abused, some thought she had lost a baby, some thought she was an alien or time-traveller, some thought she was in a post-apocalyptic future. The most interesting response was that it was about the history of woman. I have found that your own experience shapes your interpretation of the film, and I hope it makes people think and discuss this."

-Ashley Dick, Filmmaker

Ashley Dick is a Scottish film maker with an interest in crafting thought provoking stories and changing the perception of the Scottish film scene. After Graduating with honors in Film Making she was commissioned to create a documentary on the life of the first man to fly over Mount Everest. The film received rave reviews and screened as the main feature of the World Festival of Flight 2013. In 2015 she received funding to create a web series about the challenges of film making in Scotland, which now also documents the projects she is working on. She is currently working on a documentary about Land reform and Community Empowerment, and continues to make narrative shorts in between feature films. Her work and video diary can be found at ashonfilm.com

Connect with Ashley: 

www.ashonfilm.com, Facebook , Instagram + Twitter @ashonfilm