AUGUST 2017 Official Selection - IF YOU GO AWAY (Ne me quitte pas)

A film by Soheila Golestani



NOTE: This film was shot on a 360-VR Camera. Move the arrow keys in the upper left corner to watch the film in 360 degree. May not be applicable on your mobile device. 

"IF YOU GO AWAY (Ne me quitte pas) will change you forever. I realize that is a bold statement but I don't say it lightly. I mean it. This short VR film by Soheila Golestani is a game changer. I'm truly beginning to see the potential of VR being used as a tool for empathy and compassion. To be able to be completely immersed in another person's world is a true gift. Although we can never fully experience someone else's life, with virtual reality we can be viscerally and emotionally effected on a deeper level forcing us to see the world through eyes other than our own. A tool for change indeed. The time is now."

- Premstar Santana, Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal


Because of war, a couple has to immigrate to utopia. Difficult conditions separated them to each other. But young woman fight to the destiny. 

A note from the filmmaker:

Nowadays , everybody knows Human And war are two part of a fact. Name of this fact is LIFE. Regarding to this Fact , Everyday many people have to select one of these parts, death or separation. In fact, life in 3th century is trade Off between death and separation and in this chaos, LOVE is single gleam , LOVE is only great survivor to conquest of tomorrow. 

-Soheila Golestani, filmmaker

Soheila Golestan is an Iranian actress and film director. She has received her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tehran University.