SEPTEMBER 2017 Official Selection - Unlace Your Shoes… Put on Mine - I am a Black Woman

A film by Leon Oldstrong

United Kingdom

"After viewing Unlace Your Shoes… Put on Mine - I am a Black Woman, I was reminded of the importance of listening. The importance of communication and of story telling. It is our mission, our passion as intersectional feminists to give voice to all marginalized voices and that is exactly what filmmaker Leon Oldstrong is doing with this important film. We need to actually hear each other, love one another, appreciate one another, and feel empathy and compassion in order to make real change in this world. Celebrating our differences and our oneness at the same time is key to our survival. We must listen, honor, and feel for each other's experiences. Our future depends on it."

-Premstar Santana, Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal


When the black British experience is examined it is often male focused, but what is it like from a female perspective? Step into the shoes of several black British women as they share their thoughts, feelings and experiences on topics ranging from black men to workplace politics.

A note from the filmmaker:

To paraphrase James Baldwin, to be black and conscious is to be constantly frustrated; I felt that if I feel this way as a black male, what do black women feel like? The black male experience is often discussed, but I couldn't think of a time when I had heard the black experience spoken of from a woman's perspective. I wanted to give a voice to a group of people who for the most part are voiceless.


Leon Oldstrong is a writer, director, self-shooter (when required) and Creative Director and owner of Solaris2 Media. An iconoclast with an intention to shake things up in pursuit of social justice.


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