OCTOBER 2017 Official Selection - A Dream of Paper Flowers

A film by Leila Jarman

Los Angeles

"For me, watching A Dream of Paper Flowers was almost like a rebirthing experience. An expulsion of some kind. A love poem dedicated to my shadow self. The film takes you on a visceral journey that forces you to embrace the extraordinary beauty of getting to know the monsters that dwell within each and every one of us. Not only a must see, but a must experience." 

-Premstar Santana, Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal



A Dream of Paper Flowers is an avant-garde poetry film. It is an art film. It is a soundscape steeped in allegory, a capsule of femmy horror, unnerving and captivating. A glimpse into the raw, jagged coals of the female psyche.


A note from the filmmaker:

"I had been following the work of a very talented visual artist and poet, Chelsea Bayouth. We had wanted to collaborate for a while, but the timing hadn't quite lined up. She sent me her book of poetry and after reading it, I approached her with the idea of putting one of her poems to film. At the time, I was really interested in exploring the idea of taking a work that existed in an entirely different context and medium and sort of "transposing" it to and interpreting it in a film context. I wanted to take this poem about dysfunctional young love and turn it 180 degrees, subverting expectations of what a "poetry film" looks, feels and sounds like. Chelsea and I decided on the poem and spent a lot of time riffing on different visual accompaniments to it. We came up with this idea of a slug; this giant monster that was very femme and had breasts that would leak milk. It would crawl along and had all of this stuff seeping from it. From the amazing and visceral concept sketches Chelsea made, I knew I wanted the film to embody the atmosphere and aesthetic of a retro, foreign, sci-fi film; a film that's ambiguous as to whether it's from the future or the past. Because the film was shot on a micro-budget (aka basically nothing), I knew that sound design would be a crucial element in bringing this slug creature to life cinematically. I enlisted the help of two very talented composers/musicians/producers, Mike Leisz and Sahy Uhns, who collaborated on the film's soundscape after we talked about and listened to old sci-fi soundtracks like the one from the film Forbidden Planet. A Dream of Paper Flowers is the embodiment of collaboration, with everyone involved bringing their unique voice, practice, process, and skill to the project."

-Lelia Jarman, Filmmaker

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Leila Jarman is an award-winning filmmaker, visual artist, and activist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and raised in Los Angeles. Her works have shown at hundreds of film festivals worldwide, in galleries, and museums including the TATE Britain, Ars Electronica and LACMA and have been featured on media outlets such as VICE, AFROPUNK, MTV, VH1, The Creator’s Project and more. As Creative Director and Resident Filmmaker at Women’s Voices Now, Leila directs the annual international feminist film festival, provides mentorship for women filmmakers around the world, produces films and curates screenings and advocacy events in Los Angeles and abroad. Voice of the Valley, her 2009 documentary directorial debut, followed the professional careers of two self-made Muslim women journalists and their struggle to overcome social and cultural barriers to produce the most important social, political, and economic radio program in Jordan. She speaks Farsi and Portuguese.


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