NOVEMBER 2017 Official Selection - DESTINATION

A film by Georgia Lee & Hannah Daniel

United Kingdom

"A raw moment in time that captures an inner struggle all women can relate to and empathize with. DESTINATION doesn't stray from the truth, nor does it avoid real vulnerability and emotion. Superb acting, fantastic story, and a definite must see." 

-Premstar Santana, Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal



BECA is a 29 year old Uber Driver whose life hasn’t gone exactly as planned. For reasons beyond her control she’s ended up stuck in her hometown of Cardiff with a boyfriend she's not sure about and a job she hates. But BECA is determined to take control of her own life. Working shifts driving an Uber to pay for evening classes she’s just got the results of her Open University degree. The right result could be an escape route out of a life half-lived. There’s only one problem. She’s just found out that she’s pregnant. Boyfriend DAF is over the moon but BECA’s in turmoil. As she drives the streets of Cardiff we watch a woman on the edge, trying to make her own mind up amidst a stream of noisy passengers and growing pressure from a desperate DAF. The last thing she wants to face is the judgement of her NANA JOYCE… But with age comes plain talkin’, and not the sort that BECA was dreading. With NANA JOYCE as an unexpected ally can BECA find the strength to make her own mind up and choose her own destination?


A note from the filmmakers:

We made DESTINATION because we wanted to tell a story about a woman in her late twenties facing the pressures of an unplanned pregnancy. It was particularly important for us to tell a positive story about abortion, one that really gets into the head of our lead character BECA. We set out to tell a positive story about the choice that BECA makes as she stands at the kind of crossroads that we all face in our lives. We were really interested in the exterior and inner forces that act on women making these life changing decisions. The pressures, the judgement and how they can impact our constantly evolving destination in life. At it’s heart DESTINATION is a film about a 29 year old woman escaping the opinions of others and becoming the author of her own destiny.

-Filmmakers, Georgia Lee & Hannah Daniel


Director / Writer for TV and Film
Georgia started as a musician and songwriter signed with BMG and Island Records. Performing and writing in her own female led bands, as well as regularly songwriting and producing other artists. In the last year Georgia has been working as a writer-producer collaborating with a number of British and US production companies on dramas in development for TV and film.

Director / Writer / Actor
Hannah started her career as an actor – best known for her work as series regular DS Sian Owen on BBC drama Hinterland. She has improvised at both UCB and Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles and can be seen in action on improvised comedy feature films Benny and Jolene, and BIFA nominated Black Mountain Poets. Her comedy series, BUMRUSH, co-written with writer/director Dafydd Palfrey was picked up for development by S4C and began shooting with10 Pence Productions in Summer 2016.

Hannah and Georgia came together as a team in 2016 to create their first original TV comedy drama CARDIFF IS THE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. As well as writing the pilot and season one bible they co-directed a teaser for the show starring Hannah, alongside Aimee Ffion Edwards (Jerusalem, Luther) and Remy Beasley (Stella).

Other projects in development include original short film BURIAL, and TV comedy SUPERMODELS a series set amongst the teenage and not so teenage employees of a role playing and fantasy games store.

Georgia and Hannah are represented by Giles Smart at United Agents.


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