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I'm Not Sure Today

A film by Siraya Saicheua


"A beautifully shot, deeply intimate, cinematic moment between two women. I'M NOT SURE TODAY allows the viewer to be a part of a delicate moment in pain, fear, regret and courage. All I can say is: TWO women on screen at the same time throughout the entire film! LIFE! Don't miss it!" 




An anxiety ridden woman is about to attend her ex’s wedding, but becomes caught up in her own fears of being incomplete, she shares a moment of doubt and uncertainty about her undetermined future with her friend.


A note from the filmmaker:

Last year I found out that my ex was getting married, this was the guy who was my longest relationship to date lasting for two tumultuous years. He was good to me and I was to him for the first year of our relationship, then things went south and I broke his heart thinking that I can do so much better. I didn’t. Flash forward to the next eight years of my life post-serious relationship and I’ve spent them alone and unable to find any man that fitted my definition of ‘the perfect partner’ (or even if it exists?) Before I knew it, I’m approaching the big 3-0, angsty and uncertain about how my life will go from here. I’m unsure about whether what I felt towards my ex was true love (which I’ve lost) or whether if it was just me feeling the walls cave in from societal pressure telling me that there’s a need to be married before reaching a certain age. So I’ve made a film that serves as a testament to my fears and inadequacy of being a complete woman; my fear of womanhood, my unwillingness to compromise, a remorse for past decisions, my discontent for the present and my uncertainty for the future. 

-Siraya Saicheua, Filmmaker


Siraya Saicheua is a first time filmmaker and a dedicated feminist; this is reflected in her film where she explores female oriented issues. She has a Bachelor of arts from Victoria University of Wellington specializing in English Literature and Film. She has been working in the film industry since 2010 as an assistant director for commercial films in Thailand.


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