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A film by Machete Bang Bang and Erin Granat

Los Angeles

"SACRED SHIT is a vulnerable raw look into attachment and the sometimes impossible art of letting go. A portrait of the mind and it's many manipulations, Sacred Shit is a reminder to look inward and seek light in darkness. To ask ourselves what is it that we actually hold sacred? Celebrating the eternal bond between two women, this film also encapsulates our innate deep need for connection and friendship. Some sacred shit indeed. A must see." 


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When a woman experiences loss, she has a hard time letting go. Actually, she refuses to. 

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A note from the filmmakers:

We were on a road trip to Machete's parents' resort near Lake Tahoe, thinking it was our last time to visit (it's currently on the market for sale). We, of course, had the desire to shoot "something." Initially, it was about creating a tone using limited dialogue and specific shots, not a lot of coverage. We also wanted to explore naturalism -- no make-up, no lighting except practical and picking up on elements in our environment as subtext to emotion. Thematically, what does friendship of 20 years and the drastic choices we make when confronted with tragedy look like? Thanks to John Weselcouch and Tim McKeown for providing their talents. Thanks to Merry Go Round Restaurant and Sorensen's Resort for allowing us to film. 

-Machete Bang Bang and Erin Granat, Filmmakers

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Starring: Erin Granat, Machete Bang Bang & John Weselcouch as "Friend on Phone"

Created by Machete Bang Bang and Erin Granat

Sound Design & Mixing: Tim McKeown

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With a background in theater and acting, Machete Bang Bang evolved to take stake behind the camera and has gone on to receive healthy ego inflating recognition for her video work. Vimeo Staff Pick, Rolling Stone Magazine, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls — to name drop a few. If wanting to dive deeper: Erin Granat studied Journalism in Reno, a sunny place for shady people. Her screenplays have been finalists at ScreenCraft and Austin Film Festival, and she currently writes travel narratives for Uproxx. She blogs existential bullshit at and more resume / bragging stuff can be found there. Machete and Erin have collaborated in creativity and life since meeting in 9th grade Honors English. They are presently in pre-production on their first feature film.
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