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A film by Mary Moutry and Karim Meg

Los Angeles

"Certain films should be a mandatory must see, and this is one of them. CA$H OUT removes the veils and exposes the brutal truth behind the unattainable and dangerous beauty standards African American women face everyday. A beatifully shot film, full of deep honesty and intimate realness."



“Ca$h Out” is a franchise of short films the first of which deals with aesthetics within the African American community.  This film delivers a riveting and compelling narrative about a young, African American woman who risks her life to attain beauty based on a standard imposed by mainstream society and media.  Based on its intimate portrayal of a black woman’s vulnerabilities with her hair, skin and body, the first “Ca$h Out” just won the coveted Best Diaspora Short Film at the African Movie Academy Awards.  “Ca$h Out” has become ubiquitous at Los Angeles film festivals and throughout the independent film market winning critical acclaim and several other awards including Best Narrative Short Film in the 2017 Pan African American Film Festival.  

This film places a lens on the struggle that black women have endured for years being told by mainstream society and even their own community that their natural hair and natural beauty is not considered beautiful.  Hair with a natural kink, skin with a natural hue and body with a natural curve reflect a black woman’s unique beauty and is the counter image presented by this film.  Judges, film critics and award panelists have stated how real and how honest this movie is.  “It’s the film that all America needs to see,” says actress Meagan Good.

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A note from the filmmakers:

Within the past ten years, reality television has dominated network and cable broadcasting and taken a huge market share of the industry.  There has been a burgeoning of urban reality television shows such as Love and Hip Hop, Real Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives to name a few. These shows have placed an emphasis on objectification of African American women and portrayal of superficial and surgically enhanced physical attributes. In addition, social media and magazines inundate our culture with a depiction of fake, obsessive and unrealistic beauty standards.The message has been very clear: Look like this (hair, nails, skin, eyelashes, makeup, designer bags and clothes and well endowed buttocks) and in turn you will have this: money, fame and love. The problem is self respect and dignity are lost in the process because there is a price to pay and It’s more than just money. 

-Mary Moutry and Karim Meg, Filmmakers

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Behind this eccentric film movement is CashOut Productions which is comprised of dynamic husband and wife art duo, Karim and Mary Moutry. This film’s profound storyline created by Mary and powerful images created by Karim eloquently capture the struggle of womanhood and blackness. What’s unique about CashOut Productions is that they utilize low budgeting to push their creative limits the furthest and create top quality statement films. Both Karim and Mary are self-taught with no formal training and are committed to their vision to bring forth truthful narratives, to capture the voice of those who have none and to tell the stories that may have otherwise never been told.
Mary Moutry and Karim Meg

Mary Moutry and Karim Meg


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