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A film by Penelope Costopoulos

New York

"Living somewhere between the realm of John Waters and Jamie Babbit's 'But I'm a Cheerleader' DINNER WITH DADDY is film that simply fucks with you. A laugh out loud film unafraid to cross the line. A film that exposes the dirty, sheds light on the darkness, then forces you too laugh at it all. Watch it." 



Despite how strong their bond is, two lovers learn things can change pretty quickly over the course of one night.


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A note from the filmmaker:

Dads. My dad is my best friend, and he has been a huge source of inspiration and guidance in my life. I really wanted to exaggerate how close a father and daughter relationship could go, just for fun. I have always enjoyed taking things a little too far by making people think and feel outside of what they are comfortable with; outside the box. Not to mention, I am a huge Greek mythology fan - I guess it’s in my blood. This concept married to the reoccurring discussion that my friends and I have about the absurdities of human relationships birthed, “Dinner With Daddy.” Like, if this world is so invested in attraction and visual stimuli, how can you separate and stop your brain from processing attractive traits just because you are related to someone? Hot is hot. If my brother was Matthew McConaughey, I’m still going to want to fuck him. If you’re sister is a smoke show, how could you not want to fuck her? I didn’t say it was right, but I can’t understand how the attraction urge simply goes away. The answer I’ve received has varied from “you’re an only child, you just don't understand,” to, “you’re Greek, so I guess it’s not your fault you’re such a sicko.” At the end of the day, I believe all humans have these questions. Most of us suppress them, especially women. News flash: we are all the same - we are all sick. Let’s explore that.

-Penelope Costopoulos, Filmmaker

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Meet Penelope:  

I worked in the finance industry after getting a Psychology degree from The University of Connecticut. After being totally unfulfilled sitting at a desk for 12 hours a day, I left to follow my dream of becoming a filmmaker. I have always been inspired and moved by films, stories and their characters. The more intricate or fucked up they are, the better. I decided to go to acting school and learn the techniques. I learned a lot but knew I wanted to tell my own stories in a different way. So I started writing, directing and shooting films. And here I am.
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