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A film by Beatrice Sutcliffe

United Kingdom


WOMAN is a spoken-word poem short film covering the issues of female subordination in society, through the representation of intersectional feminism. 

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A note from the filmmaker:

With today’s climate with increasing numbers of women speaking out against being subject to pay inequality, (not just against women in general, but the further pay cuts of WOC in comparison to white women); unequal opportunities in the work place, and most prevalent recently, the topic of sexual assault and abuse of Male power (I.e, with the recent #MeToo campaign, and Brett Kavanaugh’s recent positioning as Supreme Court justice, after the testimony of Dr Christine Blasey Ford). As such, I wanted my film to express my desire to fight for equality, for all women, regardless of race, sexuality, or background. WOMAN focuses on the impacts of these societal double standards, questioning why derogatory comments, sexual assault, pay disparity, and the subjugation of female ambition still exists in society. I want this short film to inspire all women to stand up for equality and believe in the power their voice, and as such it was integral that my film featured a diverse and wonderful group of women, that each have their own experiences with patriarchal inequality. I chose to write the dialogue in the form of a spoken-word poem, as I have always been moved by the power and emotion it evokes. Specifically in WOMAN, the dialogue’s rhythmic pace creates tempo of which drives the film, in comparison  the predominantly still shots of the women talking, thus emphasising the determination women have to change the current stagnant nature of the patriarchy.

-Beatrice Sutcliffe, Filmmaker

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Meet the Filmmaker:  

Beatrice Sutcliffe is an English and Film Studies university student at Royal Holloway University of London. The short film WOMAN, is Beatrice’s debuts in writing and directing. Beatrice worked with a small voluntary all-female cast and crew making the production intimate and personal to the women involved. Shot on a Sony FS7, Beatrice wanted the primary focus to be on the spoken-word poem thus creating a dialogue, tackling the subordination of women in society, rather than the footage itself. WOMAN premiered on International Women’s Day 2018, on the 8th March, with a screening event at her University. Beatrice is currently in the process of writing more and hopes to make more films that tackle the issues surrounding women in society in the near future.
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