JULY 2017

The latest updates on our upcoming films, screenings, and more 

Hi Everyone! 

Hope this heat is fueling your fire as it is ours. We've been buckled down in writing mode with the AC on and some Clint Mansell on repeat. Oh yeah! Let's do this! 

In addition to being in writing mode for a feature film we are conjuring up, we are also about to go into crowdfunding mode for our upcoming project COSIMA ©. We are SO excited and cannot wait to share our campaign video with all of you!

Cosima is a post apocalyptic female driven series we have been creating for a couple of years now, and we are finally ready to go into production. (Insert Applause!) 

So to all of you sci-fi, horror, thriller and adventure film lovers, get ready, because you're going to LOVE it! #newobsession #cosima

Stay tuned for more news about Cosima and our crowdfunding campaign which we will announce as soon as it is up and running. And just to give you a little taste, below is a sneak peek pic from our campaign video. YAY! 

Thank you all for being a part of the Moonfaze movement!

- The Moonfaze Team

COSIMA creators and lead actors,  Premstar Santana  and Roxanne Morrison 

COSIMA creators and lead actors, Premstar Santana and Roxanne Morrison